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Norm's Waypoint lists

For planning purposes only! Select a route or waypoint and press the Read button.

Do not use these computations for Navigation. The computed course and distances are close to correct, but I used some approximations. The waypoints are from many sources and should be carefully checked before using.


These programs access a web site that contains many Waypoints that I've entered. Most are my own, but some are from other sources. All are subject to error. So beware! The waypoints are in a group of files that can be accessed by selecting an entry in the above window and pressing the Read button. The each file of waypoints is reference by another file that I call the index file. See File layout for an visual layout.

Button definitions:

Edit buttons on right:

Menu items

Only the Waypoints window and Plot display have menus.

File menu items

Edit menu items - use these to rearrange waypoints

Plot display menu items

Scale menu items - use to zoom-in or zoom-out on the plot

View menu items

Note: The initial display is without labels on the waypoints or legs. Labels for waypoints will be displayed if you click on the circle for the waypoint. Labels may be dragged when the cursor changes to a HAND.
A line with course and direction may be drawn by clicking on a waypoint and dragging to another waypoint before releasing.

HTML Export Work button (at end of this page)

The Export Work button will copy all the waypoints from the Work display into a browser window. The Work display is create by pressing the Crt Work button on bottom row of buttons on the first window.
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File types

There are two kinds of files with their own displays. The files have a hierarchical relationship (see map below). The top most file is the master index file that contains the names of all the next level of files. The bottom most files are those that contain the waypoint data. In between are intermediate index files.

                               | Master Index|
                   |                                         |
           -----------------                           -----------------
           | Another index |         ...               | Another index |
           -----------------                           -----------------
                  |                                           |
         ---------------------------              -------------------------
         |                                        |
    -------------                         -------------
    | Waypoints |    ...                  | Waypoints |      ...
    -------------                         -------------

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Importing a number of routes

If you have a number of routes that were created offline, they can be pasted into the Input area at the bottom of this page and Imported. After pressing the "Import data" button go to the display where you want to import them, click on the File menu and select the Import item.

Using the a WayPoints program offline

You can download a waypoints editting program and to run on your computer. After downloading the zip file, extract its contents to a folder and read the Readme.txt file.
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Import your waypoint records to program

Paste waypoint records to be imported here, then press Import button. The waypoints can then be imported into a display window by selecting its File|Import menu item.
The waypoint record format consists of 8 fields separated by ;
East of island;EOFISLA;24;14.2;N;82;23.4;W

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Exporting waypoints to where they can be copied

The Export Work button below will copy the waypoints from the Work display to a new browser window where they can be selected and copied to the clipboard. Use the Crt Work button to create a Work display. Then copy waypoints to it by using the Edit|Copy and Paste menu items or the Copy to work button in other waypoint displays.

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Last modified: 7 Aug 2006